Brightjacks Shortiejacks' Jack Russell Terriers and Hunt Terriers
Home of the Short Ones!
Riverview, Fl. 33569                    Mobile: 813-677-8490          
Shortiejacks at Play
Playtime is filled with lots of cool indoor and outdoor activities.
They run and play freely throughout the day under constant
supervision. If I am at my desk, they are either at my feet or out with
their dad. We monitor their behavior via security cameras at all times.
We work very hard at not only encouraging our shorties to share their
toys, but to run and play in packs as mother nature intended.
6/29/15 - Nothing like a morning game of ball to get the day going!
Biscuit says it aint over till it's OVER!  The old man can still catch the ball at 14!
Pooltime  is very important here a Shortiejacks. It is a great way to observe each shortie for their alpha status.
Jacks are competitive by nature and want to be first to get the ball or control their space.
The pool not only provides our shorties with a daily, cool and enjoyable experience, but also enables us the ability
to monitor their social skills at a time when they have increased potential to be possessive.
There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than to see my babies enjoying their life here at Brightjacks'
Our Resident Hawk that has lived here in our neighborhood for many years
To inquire about puppy of interest, or have a question. We prefer to speak by phone,
so we are able to promptly answer your questions.
Call  813-677-8490.  PLEASE' No calls after 9:pm Eastern Time
We look forward to speaking with you. Should you decide that our puppies would be
good fit for your family.
To move forward with a reservation or purchase. You will need to submit
Contact Form  so that we have your information to complete necessary documents.  
Email communication welcome after speaking with family by phone.
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Gonzo and Gertie Albright
12105 Glenhill Dr.
Riverview, FL 33569
Phone: (813) 677-8490
Message:  813-677-8490
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