Brightjacks Shortiejacks' 1 yr. Health Guarantee
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    Puppy' goes home with Florida State Certified Health Certificate, which indicates puppy was thoroughly examined by Licensed
    Veterinarian and received age appropriate vaccinations, checked for intestinal parasites, signs of abnormalities, including but
    not limited to normal heart beat, correct bite, patella’s, umbilical or inguinal Hernia's, retained testicles in males. All puppies
    produced by PLL + SCA tested parents.  Puppy must visit veterinarian within 3 business days after receiving, to confirm your
    puppies current health at time received. In the event after receiving your puppy, there is a concern or emergency, please contact
    your Veterinarian immediately. We would also appreciate a call, so we can assist you with a decision that will be in puppies best
    interest. I work very hard to meet the needs of my puppies and their new families. Puppies remain my #1 priority.

    Original documents prepared by examining Veterinarian need to be provided directly to my veterinarian within 5 Business days.
    Documents must include date of initial exam, plus any necessary Lab Results, X-rays or Medications that have already provided
    or required for the dogs actual diagnosis and proposed treatment plan. In the event my Veterinarian  questions the diagnosis,
    Brightjacks' retains the right to request a second opinion by Veterinarian of choice. In the event owner decides to return puppy.
    Owner must return puppy within 5 days. Buyer is responsible for expenses to prepare puppy for travel to include travel certificate
    and airline approved travel crate when shipping is necessary. Breeder will schedule flight and pay for actual airfare ticket for
    safe return of puppy in question.
     1. RETURN ORIGINAL PUPPY - request REPLACEMENT (return shipping at buyers expense)
     2. KEEP ORIGINAL PUPPY - receive PARTIAL REFUND (case by cast basis)
    *Please Note: No refunds on Original - Non Refundable Deposits  or  Original Shipping.

    *Health Guarantee does not include normal routine puppy preventative care: such as vaccinations, worming, fleas, poisoning,
    accidents, neglect, malnutrition, abuse, skin disorders due to stress, environmental tolerances or lack of preventative care
    from fleas or maintaining healthy hygiene. Conformation, ear set, coat at maturity are impossible to predict when puppies are
    purchased at 8 - 10 weeks of age. Standing ears, body and leg freckles are cosmetic. Legs slightly less than straight remain
    common in this breed and will not qualify for Return/Replacement.
    I furthermore make  NO Assumptions or Guarantee's  that puppies requested as placed with full breeding rights will mature
    as Breeding' Quality or Ability when purchased at this young age.

  • Families that no longer have the  Ability or Desire  to keep a puppy that is already in buyer's possession.
  • Puppies placed with breeder/buyer per-acknowledged imperfections, such as  minor  over/under bites, "SOLD AS IS".
    Brightjacks puppies will always be welcomed back home or Breeder will assist buyer in search for new home.

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