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We share our life and our home with
English Jack Russell Terriers   ~   American Hunt Terriers
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    Welcome' We hope you enjoy your visit
    We live in "Central Florida" and have enjoyed the
    companionship of this unique breed since 1995.

    But it wasn't until 2000 that we decided to embark on
    our journey to work towards producing our preference
    of the "modern day shortie". My goal has always been
    to only maintain those shortie's with proven family
    friendly temperaments and the desire to co-habitate
    in a multi dog lifestyle as nature intended.

    We work towards producing better legs, broader
    heads, button ears and preferred overall conformation
    with a heavier build. We raise our shorties as full
    time members of our family and our life evolves around
    providing a loving home and enjoyable lifestyle for our
    four legged children.
    Offering smooth, broken and occasional rough coats.
    All maturing with varying degrees of thickness.
    Our preferred favorite is Broken Coats due to minimal
    shedding. The amount of bone/substance for each shortie
    also varies. Our shortiejacks stand 9.5 - 10.5" in height
    and most average 10 - 17 lbs at maturity.  Each with
    their own unique markings. Some with head and body
    markings and some mostly white with limited head/tail
    markings..... We raise the "old style" short leg jacks.
There is no greater love! Than the love of a shortie
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