Welcome to our Shortiejacks Family
For families that are unable to personally visit here at Shortiejacks, this website is updated daily and
I am always available to answer questions or talk shorties. We hope that you enjoy your online visit.
We look forward to sharing with you' the many blessings of being LOVED by a Shortiejack!

    Brightjacks' Shortiejacks'
    breeder seriously dedicated to
    preserving the past, nurturing
    and improving the future of
    this unique breed known as

    English Jack Russell Terriers

    Shorties are not a cookie
    cutter breed. Each “uniquely
    differentin personality, ear
    set, conformation, coat style,
    and size 9 - 11" at shoulder.
Girlye  -  pics 5/23
Gipsye  -  arrived 5/27
Jodi  - pics 5/25
Pickles  - pics 5/25

Advance Reservations Available
Gidget  -  breeding next week
Lexye -  breeding next week
Lacye  -  
Lyndee  -  
    Visit   Pooltime    to better understand why we feel that living as one family not only encourages our
    shorties to relax, but also promotes better dog to dog social skills. But this is only part of what makes this
    breed so different. Their silly antics, desire to please, overall quality in health, longevity in life make them
    great companions for many lifestyles to enjoy.
    Playtime  is filled with lots of indoor and outdoor activities,
    followed by quiet naps snuggled up at our feet or in our laps.
    We encourage our shorties to share not only their treats and
    toys, but also their private space with less territorial behavior.
    They run and play freely throughout the day, just like children.

    Shorties thrive on love and attention. They are a breed that works
    very hard at being the best companion possible. They really want
    to please.

    We are proud to offer our shorties a lifestyle that starts them on
    a path of what it is like, to be loved and treated as family.

    Brightjacks' Shorties will anticipate and expect no less!
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